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Sonic Jump
Sonic Jump
  • os: Android version: 2.0.3
    updated: February 5, 2018 size: 48.1MB
  • os: IOS version: 2.0.3
    updated: February 5, 2018 size: 97.8.1MB
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Edit Notes

As one of SEGA's most popular works, the comprehensive performance of Sonic Jump (SONIC JUMP) is not as outstanding as expected, although there is a seemingly novel gameplay from Sonic Kid to jumping master, but still not as exciting as the sense of speed of the rampage!

Sonic Jump" graphics style will certainly make you feel close, although in this version can not see the wild Sonic running all the way, but also no visual impact of the scenery along the swish from the eyes, but very characteristic persona, brightly colored backgrounds, all reflect the SEGA for cartoon games have always been simple style!

How To Play

1, the game is divided into story mode and arcade mode, players can choose to play at will. After entering the game to choose the mode, I chose the story mode, and then select the level, you can officially start; wait for the countdown, and then Sonic will keep jumping, here you only need to shake the phone to control the direction of the jump on the line;.

 2, the challenge of colorful 48 times the action, chase the evil Dr. Egghead it!

3, you can choose Sonic, Tars, Nacroz for the game.

4, can be in the nostalgic beautiful green area to move and jump, but also in the dazzling alpine area and trap-ridden jungle adventure!

 5, rich props and non-locking elements, by collecting the game's gold ring can be in the store to buy a variety of convenient game props and cool wallpaper!

6、As the game progresses, new props will also be opened.


(SONIC JUMP) is a vertical action game. Easy to operate, cool jump! Go to higher goals!!! As the world's most popular hedgehog, it is both a comic character and a popular series of game titles worldwide due to its unparalleled speed and unique gameplay. The game is divided into a story level and an arcade mode that challenges the limits. Players through the gravity sensor to control the direction of travel of Sonic, when the jump to the high point after scratching the screen, you can make a second jump, the game contains a variety of cleverly designed levels, if you master this skill, you can help you pass smoothly. According to your performance in the level, the corresponding evaluation will be given. In addition, through the gold ring collected in the level, the player can buy in the store, enhance a variety of auxiliary props, not too pitiful price, the purchase of IAP will not have a substantial impact on the game, which is more generous. Overall, the system design of this work is not complicated, but also nothing too much. 

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