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Slapstick Fighter
Slapstick Fighter
  • os: Android version: 3941.4.3
    updated: February 14, 2021 size: 110M
  • os: IOS version: 1.1.4
    updated: Feb 15, 2021 size: 333.5 MB
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Edit Notes

1, support single player practice mode and two people exciting match mode, you can use a device to play at the same time.

2, the game play is super exciting and cool, interesting competitive duel, improve your fighting skills.

3, a large number of levels mode, the more difficult the later levels, you need to be careful to duel.

4, very interesting to paragraph hot blood fighting breakthrough class hand game, magic painting style magic fighting scene let the player very happy happy, you can become the strongest fighting player on the field? Then come and try it!

How To Play

1. A physics-based fighting game where two players use the same equipment to play two-player battles against each other. Become the most powerful street fighter and challenge all the matchmaker enemies.

2 two button control is very easy to learn to operate feel unique fighting; with amazing depth and movement, easily control your matchmaker dodge the enemy's various moves, and flexible and fast moves to attack your enemies.

3. keep knocking down your opponent, flexible use of a variety of different game moves to defeat him, only the best street fighters can win. Relax your mood with exciting duels anytime and anywhere.


This is a matchmaker fighting theme, hot and exciting breakout game, the style is very fresh and beautiful, and very magical, two players using the same equipment for two-person game against each other, players can keep challenging the opponents in the level, but also with your friends for exciting duel, strong their fighting ability and fighting skills, to become a strong player, play very exciting and Fun and relaxing game experience, interested players come to join and try it out! You can play with your buddies on the same stage!

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