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Sculpt people
Sculpt people
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    updated: March 8, 2024 size: 232.2 MB
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    updated: Apr 16, 2024 size: 232.2 MB
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1. Simple polygonal graphics can also bring a more refined model visual experience to all players, which looks more exciting; click to control various carving knives in the game, and you will use them to make simple materials into various crafts;

2. A large number of various items can be unlocked by carving, and you can gradually upgrade from the simplest items to more complex difficulty levels; only by practicing skills diligently can you accumulate more experience, and you can quickly complete various complex crafts;

3. The operation will test the player's skills. The more proficient you are, the more efficient you will be in each challenge. Only by practicing skills diligently can you enrich your experience and complete various complex processes quickly.

How To Play

Compared with simulation experience games of the same type, the gameplay of "Sculpture Man" is more interesting and the operation is more detailed. Every step has a very realistic restoration effect, from the shaping of clay, to the sculpting of facial organs, to filling in the details of the clay avatar. At the same time, multiple operations are perfectly presented to the player, allowing players to experience the pleasure of sculpting a clay avatar by themselves. , allowing the simulation experience of mobile games to be maximized and greatly improving players’ artistic aesthetics. As the level increases, features such as customized pictures, more scenes, and more parts will be unlocked one after another. There are almost endless possibilities in this game.


Sculpt people game is a clay sculptor to experience the profession of 3D simulation of casual games, for players to present the different appearance of people, animal clay sculpture production process, the clay sculpture of each production step are beautifully realistic in front of the player. Players will be here with clay to carry out a variety of interesting pinching simulation. From the plasticity of the carving, the details of the outline, to decorative embellishments and many other steps, all presented to the player, to help players in the production of carving at the same time, the clay sculptor to gain more knowledge of this unknown field, and let you in the game to challenge more incredible gameplay. The game allows players to play freely, allowing you to create your own unique clay

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