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Scary Teacher 3D
Scary Teacher 3D
  • os: Android version: 5.9.0
    updated: Apr 2, 2021 size: 49M
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Edit Notes

1、3D perspective rendering all-round lens challenge;

2、Tooling teacher fight wisdom not to be found;

3, wonderful scenes map reasonable use of terrain.

The story is about a talented girl and her horrible high school teacher

The horrible teacher has been threatening the kids, torturing them with corporal punishment and abuse

This awful teacher has moved into your neighbor's house. You decide to play tricks to scare her and teach her a lesson

How To Play

1, a new adventure mode, the whole ending is unknown, you only immersive to experience;

We are in this mobile game through a variety of spoof neat way to complete the game tasks.

2, the game is full of joy, and constantly bring the fun of the game for players. Different ways to escape you need to adapt, while you have to make yourself smart;

3, players with worry about the game play, the game play is very simple. Don't get caught by her, run, escape and win the challenge.

4, of course, we have to be careful not to be caught by her when we mess with the teacher in the game. Ready to start pranking your scary teacher, start pranking your teacher;


A hilarious and neat casual game. In the game there is a very scary teacher, this terrible teacher to bully the children with physical punishment and scolding, she will often kick over and scolding to torture the children, as a neighbor you are determined to punish him, a variety of interesting ideas to think up! Funny compilation, you need to go through a variety of ways to compel this abominable teacher. Come and join it and try it!

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  • Super fun and nice km addicted in a gold way!

    by Saguli 20 Apr,2023
  • i love this game so much

    by Jezira 19 Apr,2023
  • so funny game

    by Aaaliyah 26 Mar,2023
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