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Rent Please!-Landlord Sim
Rent Please!-Landlord Sim
  • os: Android version:
    updated: October 25, 2023 size: 2 GB
  • os: IOS version: 1.3.0
    updated: Oct 26, 2023 size: 2 GB
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Edit Notes

1. Brand-new cartoon-like graphics, players become super cute tenants and can meet all kinds of tenants;

2. The more buildings you have, the more rooms you have. You can customize the decoration style, and you can specify the houses with different prices and specifications;

3. Continuously collect rent and accumulate money. You can also buy a house, continue to rent it out, continue to unlock properties, and become a real estate tycoon.

How To Play

1. There is a house at the beginning, furnish each room with furniture, and try to rent out the rooms. The better the decoration, the higher the price of the room;

2. Not only do you need to collect rent, but you also need to maintain a good relationship with tenants. Everyday tenants need help if they have any problems;

3. Sometimes the house is available, so you can give it an appropriate discount or do a little publicity to let everyone know about your house.


A very realistic business simulation mobile game. The game has prepared a built-in menu function for everyone to help players unlock a lot of resources and enjoy more fun. We will become a reliable landlord. We own a lot of luxury real estate and experience a refreshing rent collection life. We can build as much as we want and at the same time listen to the stories of many tenants. This version has a built-in cheat menu modification, which allows you to obtain unlimited gold coins and diamonds, making it easier for you to play the game.

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