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Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas
Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas
  • os: Android version: 1.0.8
    updated: February 18, 2021 size: 75M
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Edit Notes

Particularly powerful characters, quite special in appearance, with this ability to find them. 

The need to drop some supplies and just find the right route, staging fierce battles. 

Harvesting a larger variety of items, the real feeling is always there, and the mind is flexible here. 

Bright scenes, three-dimensional shape, bright colors, from easy to difficult fun levels, to bring players a more fun, easy game experience. Players can enjoy this fun and engaging action game in the game's levels, and the player goal is only to kill all the crew members in the ship without drawing the attention of others to pass each level successfully.

How To Play

1. - Hold and drag to move around the ship, kill crew members and destroy objects. Be careful with the crew, they may find out you are an impostor 

2、The choice of maps is more diverse, many new characters can be chosen to open a new game. Complete different ways to experience the game, a lot of new rewards can go to get, feel the new way to play. 

3, to get different ways of mission, the game's mechanism is quite tight, you can go to understand, when you kill everyone without attracting attention, the level is completed.


The game is a free action and casual game released by the game company. Players take on the role of the red crew of a spaceship and aim to kill all the crew members on board in a confined space, using all kinds of experience to carefully kill all the crew members on board without being noticed by others. Use various settings in the ship to defeat your opponents, be the last surviving team and win. Through various game modes, players can feel exciting intelligence and courage in new ways. Let the game can be enjoyed by more users.

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