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Rapala Fishing - Daily Catch
Rapala Fishing - Daily Catch
  • os: Android version: 1.6.24
    updated: March 16, 2021 size: 78M
  • os: IOS version: 1.6.24
    updated: Mar 16, 2021 size: 233.6 MB
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A multitude of deep-sea giants awaiting your catch.

Enjoy a feast for lovers of top quality fishing games.

Fishing with different rods and lures.

Recreation of fishing scenes in HD quality.

How To Play

1. Do not let go of the left button when setting the hook, the strength control bar will show the strength level, slide the mouse fiercely forward and let go of the left button before the force ends.

2. When you are fishing, you should use simulated bait, so after you have hooked the fish, tap and release the right button to slowly retrieve the line, as carnivorous fish will attack the bait.

3. Immediately after the bite tap the left button while sliding the mouse backwards violently, the moment the reel is almost finished tap the right button to start reeling in the line.

4. You can adjust the viewing angle when fighting fish with the few common keys I mentioned above, it is very cool and the whole process is almost the same as actual fishing.


This is a deep sea fishing game. Grab your rod and head out to sea for a fun fishing game. You can use different rods to fish, or you can simulate a realistic pull to catch the fish.

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