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RAID: Shadow Legends
RAID: Shadow Legends
  • os: Android version: 3.00.0
    updated: December 2, 2020 size: 148MB
  • os: IOS version: 3.00.0
    updated: December 2, 2020 size: 244.66 MB
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A fighting type of confrontation game

More exciting gameplay content

You can also enjoy a different kind of mobile fighting pleasure

You can get a different kind of fighting game play

How To Play

Collect over a hundred fighters from 16 camps. Gather warlocks, illusionists, undead, knights, elves and more fighters to balance your team, defeat your enemies and then take them under your wing! 

Conquer dozens of challenge bosses for bonus items, experience and special fighters! Then defeat them again for more powerful weapons. 

Go head-to-head with other players in a fierce arena to gain rankings and unlock special equipment. Two teams enter and only one team gets out. 

3D realistic and beautiful fighters with exquisite and fantastic equipment details. Watch them fight in vivid scenes, along with thousands of unique skills and attack animations. 

Upgrade your castle to manage your shards, train fighters, and prepare for arenas, replicas, and levels.

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It is a great role-playing combat game in which players can choose any character you like and become part of the arena to go on an adventure and find gold with elves, orcs, wizards and other heroes. Collect a balanced team of characters of different classes and prepare to face any opponent. Destroy hordes of monsters and powerful bosses in the dungeons. Buy items for weapons and equipment. Fight in the arena. There is a very large selection of heroic characters to choose from, so you can start an adventure with your teammates, keep strengthening yourself, keep fighting and get gold

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