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Puzzle Aquarium
Puzzle Aquarium
  • os: Android version: 101
    updated: May 9, 2022 size: 179.2 MB
  • os: IOS version: 101
    updated: May 9, 2022 size: 179.2 MB
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Edit Notes

Small fresh art style, so that players have a relaxed feeling when playing.

Simple operation method, you can play anytime and anywhere.

Rich game content, keep expanding the aquarium and encounter new surprises.

How To Play

1. Personalized aquarium design, feel the most rich game experience, very rich game experience, easy to play.

2. Dozens of puzzles are waiting for you to unlock, personalized design, you can experience the new game mode.

3. A variety of unique game play is waiting for you to experience, build a beautiful family, breed more offspring, and enjoy in the aquarium.


Puzzle Aquarium game genuine is a cartoon style adventure puzzle game, players can experience in the game extremely detailed picture quality, the game uses a 3d scene, simulated a variety of real-world landscape, coupled with brain-burning gameplay, compact plot, appropriate music.

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