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    updated: November 29, 2021 size: 1.4G
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1, you can experience a variety of play modes, combat data will be recorded separately, allowing you to challenge yourself.

2、Time is defined in 2051, so it is a future city, and accompanied by a lot of science fiction wind elements.

3, 8x8 kilometers of large open world, built-in a variety of transport, which allows you to transfer more quickly!

4, biochemical mode in a variety of powerful weapons and props to choose and use, will open a new battle scene for you.

5, drones, fighter planes and other modern equipment can help you fight, used to find the enemy's whereabouts is also very useful.

How To Play

1、Challenge different game maps, in the rainforest, desert, snow, island to fight, different maps more interesting.

2、Unique gameplay, not just shooting combat, choose different vehicles here to go racing, land, sea and air different vehicles.

3, a hundred people airborne area 8x8 km deserted island a battle high, only one person wins! Players need to pick up weapons, vehicles and supplies around

4、Fight alongside your friends! Invite your friends to team up, discuss battle strategies and set up the perfect ambush through the live voice chat feature.

5、Use a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and speedboats, to chase down enemies, get ahead of them into the safe zone, or quickly escape.


It is the second game launched by pubg, new maps and equipment familiar gameplay, enjoy the fingertip duel to complete the kill! Hundreds of people battle, in the end who can eat chicken? There will also be exclusive character skin and clothing can be completed to unlock Oh! If you like to eat chicken, come and join this game!

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