• os: Android version: 0.18.0
    updated: May 7, 2020 size: 50MB
  • os: IOS version: 0.18.0
    updated: May 7, 2020 size: 1.7GB
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Edit Notes

1, the closest to the end game Jedi survival gameplay and the original version of the same content and props, the most pure chicken hand game; guns, pans, etc. choose the right weapons to defeat opponents and plunder more resources and equipment.

2、Battle with friends to the end, develop a perfect battle plan, eat chicken meat is you.

3、Ensure fair cheating mechanism, kill the pioneer and get ready for the battle.

4、Small map to eat chicken, optimize the equipment, the game experience is still wonderful. The best game optimization experience, the most concentrated players, easy to log in, no kryptonite, truly for chicken!

5、Multiple players team up to hack, fighting to the end on the empty desert island, fierce and fierce.

How To Play

1, pay attention to the display of strategy, coordinate the wisdom of the voice disconnection, so that your enemies have no way to do it.

2、Look at the surrounding environment, choose the best combat plan, flexible use of offensive and defensive thinking.

3, infinite running map, infinite combat, fighting to the end, there is only one throne.

The moment you parachute from the plane, you can even feel a little "fear of heights", which is 8000 * 8000 ultra-clear map to bring the shock. Equipment greatly enhanced the metal texture, the higher the level of equipment more obvious, such as the three-level head of this advanced armor, with an unusual sense of metal heft. The appearance of firearms is also the substantial pursuit of realism, each firearm are "polished" oil polished bright.


A competitive handheld version of the 100-player gun battle for chicken play, with more comprehensive Jedi survival content and a wealth of the latest gameplay, where all the world's chicken players can come together and compete together to see who is the master of chicken! Players have to jump parachute to survive, quickly collect weapons and equipment to enhance their own cooperation with teammates, kill all opponents and survive to the end, the game is developed through the virtual 4 engine, but optimized for low memory devices, reduced the map, the number of players from 100 to 40 people you can still carry out a very sensational chicken battle.

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