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Project Makeover
Project Makeover
  • os: Android version: Varies with device
    updated: Apr 3, 2024 size: 432.4 MB
  • os: IOS version: 2.85.1
    updated: Mar 27, 2024 size: 432.4 MB
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You'll need to customize your dressing room with furniture and dazzling new accessories, show off your unique taste, and play challenging, fashion-themed puzzle content to have the ultimate fun in the game.

An extremely simple to play haircut casual game; first of all, its content is relatively comprehensive, the overall fun is very high, you can play at any time to play entertainment; no particularly complex operation, a light tap on the screen, you can play here very easily oh.

How To Play

Here you will work as a hairdresser and your daily job is to cut the hair of customers and help each other design their hair.

The game is designed from the head up, simple taps on the screen to dress up and make the whole person glow in an entertaining background to attract more turnovers. With classic elimination as the main focus, you need to reach the goal needed to eliminate in each level

Simple operation, cartoon shape, smooth experience brings players a relaxed and pleasant game experience

Elimination and nurturing combine with each other to complement each other, the income from elimination becomes the food for nurturing, and the pleasing eyes from nurturing becomes the motivation for elimination.


It's a simulation game that incorporates elimination breakthroughs, in which you will become a hair stylist and need to help customers with their hairstyles by eliminating them in order to increase your fame. Be prepared to face some extreme personalities as you work your way through the levels to get new props and room decorations, and keep moving towards your goal of becoming a professional hairstylist, with drama everywhere! And visit friends and admire their avatar looks! Use exciting props to power through the levels and get wonderfully intense benefits. More is waiting for you to experience and let's be the best beauticians in this game.

Cosmetic surgery for all customers and enjoy a variety of game play.

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