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Popcorn Pop!
Popcorn Pop!
  • os: Android version: 2.1.5
    updated: Mar 8, 2023 size: 182.7 MB
  • os: IOS version: 2.1.5
    updated: Mar 9, 2023 size: 182.7 MB
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A standard idle casual game, you only need to tap the screen to upgrade, and you can harvest a steady stream of delicious popcorn, and the relaxed and casual gameplay is vivid on paper. Various popcorn machines with different shapes and functions are designed in the game, waiting for your challenge. After the game starts, you will have the most basic and simplest popcorn machine, and you will continue to work hard to upgrade, improve revenue efficiency, and obtain popcorn machines with more functions.

How To Play

It adopts a casual game type and incorporates idle gameplay. The popcorn machine will automatically produce popcorn continuously, and players can get a lot of benefits. You can use it to improve the performance of the popcorn machine, increase your own income, and fully release all the capabilities of the popcorn machine. Watching the popcorn gushing out, it was like venting the depression and hard work in my heart. How to choose the upgrade route will become an important goal to pass the level quickly.


An idle casual game for making popcorn and decompression games, you can continue to earn income just by placing it, and enjoy a relaxing and pleasant gaming experience. The popcorn that keeps popping up gives people a visual experience in the process of scattering, which is a good medicine for healing the body and mind. Comfortable game rhythm, smooth game experience, and simple game screen make this game shine brightly.

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