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Piano Tiles 2™
Piano Tiles 2™
  • os: Android version: 0.1.21
    updated: November 18, 2023 size: 146.2 MB
  • os: IOS version: 4.1.10
    updated: Nov 9, 2023 size: 146.2 MB
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Edit Notes

1. The game adopts the method of unlocking songs by increasing the protagonist's level. We gain points and experience by constantly playing songs. When the level increases, more and more powerful songs will be unlocked correspondingly, and the challenges of subsequent songs will also be unlocked. You will get more rewards;

2. The game provides players with a rich song library, allowing players to continuously exercise their operating skills and reaction abilities in beautiful and melodious music;

3. Compared with the previous game, this game adds more interactive links for players. We can unlock novice, expert, master and other events through upgrading. Different events require different reaction abilities, and these events are not challenges. A certain fixed-tempo song challenges the player's hand speed.

How To Play

1. Minimalist graphics, easy to use, everyone can play the piano;

2. The heart-pounding rapid rhythm constantly challenges your hand speed limit;

3. Top competitive gameplay, thrilling and exciting at the same time;

4. A large number of songs are constantly updated, original, classic, orchestrated, and various styles to meet your needs;

5. Show your results to your friends and compete with global players on the leaderboard;

6. Perfect sound quality, just like being at a piano concert;

7. Facebook data saving function, sharing on different devices;

8. More challenges, more rewards, and surpass yourself.


Continuing the graphic style of the previous game, it is presented in a vertical 2D plane mode. The painting style still uses a fresh and elegant piano effect, giving players a natural and soft feeling. In addition to using white as the main background, this game also adds a light blue trailing effect to the black piano keys, which increases the color diversity of the game screen. At the same time, blue also represents the dreamy color, giving the game a A more charming veil.

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