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Oh God!
Oh God!
  • os: Android version: 1.0.49
    updated: January 7, 2021 size: 95M
  • os: IOS version: 1.0.49
    updated: Jan 25, 2021 size: 410.8 MB
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1、3D game graphics and modeling, to bring you a comfortable game experience.

2、The game play is simple, easy to click, up to send to heaven, down to fight into hell.

3, play God at the door of heaven, to judge the souls of each come here, you side is the gods.

How To Play

Swipe up to send righteous souls to heaven and swipe down to send sinners to hell!

Purify heaven by clearing the wings of evil and unlock the gates of the afterlife to discern heaven from hell

Play a variety of minigames in heaven or hell! Fun thematic content brings you a unique experience

Collect coins and build your own world! It's up to you to decide whether to build heaven or hell

Play Oh God with beautiful graphics and simple but addictive gameplay! Enjoy the feeling of being God!


It is a fun casual mobile game with easy and simple gameplay. You will be the judge of heaven and hell, the divine power is in your hands, decide whether everyone is going to heaven or hell, you can also build heaven and hell, create more fantastic game content, I believe you can't wait, hurry up and come! Join it and try it out!

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