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Oceans of Steel
Oceans of Steel
  • os: Android version: 1.15.2
    updated: May 24, 2023 size: 177.5 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.13.0
    updated: 22 Feb 2023 size: 177.5 MB
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Edit Notes

1. The exclusive modern warship battle game opens shockingly, showing unique abilities to complete exciting battles;

2. The ultra-broad game world is waiting for you to explore, and each map has different combat fun;

3. You need to have agile operations and unique wisdom to hit your enemies easily.

How To Play

1. Dozens of different types of warships are available. Choosing the most suitable warship to complete the mission is the most ideal combat plan;

2. This game has a high degree of freedom, and there is a lot of room for operation in both the battlefield and the design of battleships;

3. Supports custom transformation of warships, but transformation of warships requires a large amount of resources, and the transformation also has many restrictions.


A casual idle maritime war, the game scene design is simple and fresh. Players use various parts to build their own ships in the game, and players can operate these ships to fight against your opponents. The game has rich settings Types can be selected and operated, and the real physics system brings you a more exciting and exciting gaming experience!

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