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My Talking Tom Friends
My Talking Tom Friends
  • os: Android version:
    updated: January 19, 2021 size: 98M
  • os: IOS version: 1.5.2
    updated: Jan 21, 2021 size: 216 MB
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Edit Notes

My Talking Tom Friends" has realistic and beautiful graphics, bright graphics, cute shapes, realistic venues, and fun interactions, bringing players a relaxing and enjoyable visual experience. A variety of interesting tasks, fun that is quite a lot. Of course, the game itself also has some shortcomings, such as from the classic vertical screen mode into the horizontal mode, the character shape from the earliest four-headed body into a doppelganger. However, all this does not hide the high quality of the game itself. Thoughtful dynamic effects with a variety of detailed scenes and shapes, adding more fun to the game.

How To Play

My Talking Tom Friends operation is designed to be very simple, detailed and realistic game guidance system, so that children can easily grasp the operation of the game, the game a variety of rich mini-games and interactive content, but also to bring players a relaxed and stress-free leisure experience. Even the more common function of raising, but also the game has been given a new play experience, more realistic game effects, planning a clear upgrade system, a variety of a variety of mini-games, giving the Tom Cat series a new life. The appearance of the tomcat will have a flexible action, very good


MyTalkingTomFriends is an excellent casual game, a derivative of the Talking Tom Cat IP, in which players are able to live together with Tom Cat and his friends. You as a human need to take the initiative to talk to them, to gain their goodwill and trust, the overall difficulty of the game is not high, but the game is very strong, especially for children to play, the game of a variety of types of play, quite fun and addictive.

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    by Emmanuella 10 Aug,2021
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