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My Talking Angela 2
My Talking Angela 2
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Rotate the camera 360 degrees for an all-round shot, with 4 beautiful girls to choose from.

Change into your favourite outfit and adjust the hair colour of your swimming costume to your favourite visuals.

Operate the camera and watch the 3D girls lounging around from any angle, and in motion mode the girls can move on their own.

You can dress up four different images of 3D secondary beauty girls and freely choose different outfits, from sexy swimsuits, black and white maid outfits, the

quirky policewoman costume, youthful and beautiful JK costume, players can also change the colour of the character costume, hair colour, change the pose to shoot 360 degrees!

How To Play

The gameplay is simple but fun, as the player has to meet Angela's basic needs in terms of food and hygiene, and also collects colourful cosmetics and various outfits by completing various tasks to dress up her own look. The game's food and hygiene operations are like experiencing a simulation game with different gameplay. In addition, Angela will also take you to dance clubs, karaoke bars and other venues to experience the thrill of the mini-games.

The graphics are extremely realistic and detailed, and the three-dimensional look of Angela has been improved compared to its predecessor. In addition to a more detailed appearance, the facial expressions are also very accurate and detailed. The art style in the game covers the aesthetics of the majority of users, and the cute, realistic and cartoonish graphics alone have become a favourite of most regular users.

More interaction with Angela.

When Angela needs our attention, such as when he is hungry or when he is not clean, we need to carry out some instructions to make him reach a relaxed and happy state. When interacting with him, these actions are actually worth gaining experience and can help our Angela to upgrade faster.

Pay attention to Angela's status.

There are times when Angela's status, just starting to be bad, we can also interact, so we have to pay more attention to Angela's status when we want to play him, and when we see that status of his appearing red and needing to interact, we have to take care of Angela in time.

Gold and experience are awarded for all actions.

In Angela, all actions are rewarded with experience and gold, whether it's feeding him well or giving our Angela a bath and a wipe, don't worry, all interactions will be rewarded.


My Talking Angela 2 game as a super fun dress up mobile game, experience the fun of infinite challenges, share the tasks in it, a variety of good-looking characters, just feel very real, using the animation of the graphics effect, the shape is also quite good, the interface of the auxiliary function, help players easily play up, a variety of wonderful changes, is also quite fun, too. Have fun putting yourself to the test!

Collect! Dress up! Get beautiful and stylish with Angela!

My Talking Angela 2 is a great addition to the custom dress up game that many of you have been working on for years! In Angela's very own dressing room, you can collect and unlock a dazzling array of clothing items and make-up tools to fill your wardrobe and dressing table, and then get creative with beauty and fashion, matching hair, fashion accessories and make-up to create a dazzling look!

Become good friends and join in the fun!

Stay at home and transform your flat, play mini games or paint and make smoothies, or get out of the flat and head to the city's food shops, music halls and dance studios to make food, play instruments, learn to dance or get on a bus and go shopping ...... In My Talking Angela 2, Angela is no longer a cutie who needs to be looked after, but can become friends with her and participate in even more fun activities!

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