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My Dear Farm
My Dear Farm
  • os: Android version: 1.1.2
    updated: Sep 8, 2022 size: 299.7 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.1.2
    updated: Sep 8, 2022 size: 299.7 MB
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Edit Notes

1, First of all, the painting style is very healing, the color matching, the overall visual feeling, horizontal screen good operation.

2, including gardens, farmland, and houses, including the decoration and transformation of which have a certain degree of freedom Oh.

3, in the outdoor furniture can also be placed, indoor more can replace a variety of furniture, to create their favorite theme it!

How To Play

1. Enter the game to participate in many satisfying activities: watering plants, milking cows, shaking trees, shearing sheep and much more.

2, Come and relax in this free exciting farm game, plant your fields, take care of animals, hire workers and build a bigger barn.

3、When the harvest season comes, sell your products to the merchants in town and become the greatest agricultural tycoon on Earth, the moon and beyond.


My Dear Farm is a farm management game with minimalist cartoon graphics. Start your farming journey here, we need to grow a variety of different crops in the farm, take good care of your crops, to cultivate them in a new way, so that they can grow up.

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