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Minimal Escape
Minimal Escape
  • os: Android version: 22
    updated: Jan 16, 2022 size: 317.9 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.7
    updated: Feb 10, 2020 size: 317.9 MB
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Combining arcade, adventure and puzzle solving, following the physical laws of real things;

24 charming levels that make you addicted, and difficult brain-burning puzzles;

Use the unity engine to achieve exquisite and diverse 3D animation;

Provide a dream-like illusory and super immersive audio-visual experience.

How To Play

Solve complex puzzles and avoid various obstacles to survive;

Find elements hidden everywhere, find your way and collect stars;

Arrow keys and jump keys are all -, need simple operation and some luck.


An arcade adventure puzzle game, enter the fantastic fairy tale world, help the elves escape from the dark world, and look for a bright future. There are more than 24 challenging puzzle-solving levels in the game. Find hidden elements in the level, find and collect more stars, and complete the task of breaking through the level.

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