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The game is mainly divided into two main modes: Minecraft and Town, and players can choose according to their preferences. My world is mainly based on exploration and creation. Players can freely explore nature, collect resources, create items, build cities, and interact with other players in the game. The town mode mainly focuses on town construction. Players need to collect resources first, then build houses, roads, town centers, etc., and interact with other players.

How To Play

Minecraft focuses on allowing players to explore, interact with, and transform a dynamically generated map of cubes, with an unlimited mode that allows players to create buildings, creations, and artwork on a variety of multiplayer servers or in their single-player worlds. or their single-player mode to create buildings, artwork, and art creations. Other features include redstone circuits for logic and telekinesis, mine carts, and tracks.


      The world of Minecraft takes place in a three-dimensional grid of cubes, each occupied by a specific type of cube. There are many types of cubes; natural cubes like grass, rocks, and various ores are randomly generated in the world. You can synthesize cubes yourself. Resources can be removed with your bare hands or by using tools, or you can use the cubes to build the desired piece.


  Mining is going below the surface to extract ores as well as other materials. These are key to crafting items that are useful for survival. Mining can be done by digging a hole through the ground or by going down through a natural cave. 


A sandbox game where players freely explore nature, collect resources, create items, build cities, and interact with other players.The entire game world is composed of various blocks, players can destroy them, and they can also use their own blocks to build things at will. In order to survive and develop in the game, players need to obtain resources through logging, mining, hunting, etc., and create weapons and tools through the synthesis system. As the game progresses, players are self-reliant and gradually build a home of their own.

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