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Magic Tiles 3
Magic Tiles 3
  • os: Android version: 11.034.005
    updated: April 29, 2024 size: 359.1 MB
  • os: IOS version: 11.043.007
    updated: Apr 25, 2024 size: 359.1 MB
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The game interface is beautifully drawn, with a variety of popular songs nested in it, and the Magic Piano Player 3 is a great test of eyesight and hand strength with its clicking gameplay. 

The Magic Piano Player 3 game is complemented by a wealth of levels to challenge and songs to unlock, and there are many achievements for you to obtain, which is an indispensable music game for your leisure time entertainment. 

How To Play

Unlike "Don't step on the white block", this game requires you to click on the best position of the block, it doesn't matter if you click wrong, as long as you don't miss it. And the sound of the music is not played because you click, you need to click according to the rhythm of the music, and the music is not just the accompaniment, but the sung version. ~

First, enter the game, at the beginning of the game has unlocked the popular chart music, you need to break into the level one by one, in order to unlock more and better songs Oh ~

Enter the song, click the black square on the start, the game officially began. You need to click or long press the squares that appear on the screen one by one, and click at the lines shown to get higher scores.

The background music is the level music you choose, you can adjust the speed between the control fingers according to the rhythm and speed of the music, so put on the headphones to play is the soul of this game!

If a tune is played and you are still lucky enough not to miss, next, it will go to the accelerated version of the play. Can you still handle the speeded up tunes?


Magic Tiles 3" is a casual puzzle game with rhythm and music, and it is easy to see from the name that the game, as the third part of the "Magic Piano" trilogy, has a comprehensive upgrade in gameplay experience, adding some popular music for players' aural enjoyment, while in the operation of Magic Tiles 3, it will continue to continue If this is not enough, try the challenge mode, in which players can not only fully demonstrate their musical talent, but also compete with other players on the same stage, so that players from all over the world can compete. If you like music, if you like challenges, then this game you do not want to miss! 

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  • I really would like to play this game please. It is really great game to play at home and at school too.

    by Emily Graham 13 Jul,2022
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