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Lost in Play
Lost in Play
  • os: Android version: 1.0.2017
    updated: December 27, 2023 size: 849.8 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.0.4
    updated: Oct 23, 2023 size: 849.8 MB
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Edit Notes

1. The game graphics are very beautiful, and the characters and scene design are full of fairy tale-like atmosphere, making people feel immersed in the game;

2. The game music is beautiful and pleasant, allowing people to be completely immersed in this fantasy world and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable time;

3. The game incorporates rich puzzle elements to cultivate players’ observation, imagination and creativity;

4. In the process of exploring the unknown, players can collect various props such as keys, candies, etc. to help them pass the level;

5. Children can learn to face difficulties bravely through games, and practice their ability to resist frustration and solve problems independently;

6. Multiple difficulty level settings allow players to have endless fun when facing different challenges;

7. The game does not contain any violent elements, creating a safe and healthy gaming environment for children.

How To Play

Players need to control the little girl to collect props, solve puzzles, overcome various difficulties in this vast mysterious area, and finally find the way home.

1. Rich map scenes, from forests, caves to mysterious cabins, etc., are all surprising;

2. The loving character design is very suitable for parents and children to play together;

3. The game is highly interactive and has a multiplayer online adventure mode to share exciting moments of adventure;

4. A hand-made style game that allows parents and children to reminisce about childhood animation programs together;

5. During the decryption adventure, players will encounter rare weapons of various shapes to assist in level challenges;

6. Easy to operate, suitable for game enthusiasts of all ages to get started easily;

7. It is not only a game, but also a process of dialogue with your heart.


An adventure puzzle game with great appearance and fun. It not only creates a beautiful fairy tale world, but also cultivates players' observation, imagination and creativity. This game performs very well in terms of graphics design, music effects or puzzle settings, making people feel like they are in a wonderful world that enhances their intelligence, enjoying pleasure and relaxation. If you are keen on adventure puzzle games, then don’t miss this lost child’s fun journey!

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