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LoL Kart
LoL Kart
  • os: Android version: 1.3.7
    updated: Nov 19, 2018 size: 251.7 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.3.7
    updated: Nov 16, 2018 size: 251.7 MB
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Edit Notes

- Challenge the best racers from around the world

- Unlock rewards and collect new karts

- Master every corner and push the limits

How To Play

1. Win races and open new karts in a variety of shades and stylistic designs.

2.Add your favorite type of pedal to your track.

3.Push the gods and send gods to each other with your enemies.

4.hit your opponents, squeeze out of the track, win the race and become the champion.


lol kart game is a very fun hand game and a variety of game props, as long as you are the last to the end is the winner, players can drive karts and other players to collide, there is a rich variety of karts can be used for free.

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