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King's Choice
King's Choice
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1. Different choices determine different directions, show your strength and fight to expand your territory;

2. Recruit generals with various advantages to fight for you, and train your soldiers to become stronger;

3. Play as a king to experience the life of a powerful man, and formulate laws and regulations for your country to make your people live a better life.

How To Play

As a Trojan nation, you have been given the power to manage the city, build it into a great empire, and save the world from war; use your wisdom, show your charm, and recruit historical followers from all over the world, such as the Sultans and the Uyghurs. People from Beijing. Judge their fate and become a legend! Date a beautiful woman and train your heir's power. Use your flexible controls to arrange your troops and match them with a reasonable battle lineup to build a great empire and explore Make yourself romantic and win her heart and love. Kingchoon is a role-playing simulation game where you can collect followers and romance various beautiful ladies from ancient Greek mythology and European history; your character can learn different skills to enhance his power here. In the scene, the resources set on the continent are also very rich. You need to occupy more land to participate in the king's game and defeat them to become the greatest emperor or queen in history; be the eternal winner or the know-it-all.


An exciting role-playing game that simulates life in the European medieval royal courts. Become a legendary king, recruit famous generals, meet stunning beauties, raise heirs, suppress rebellions, expand the empire, and the ultimate goal is to become the supreme emperor!

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