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Infinity Loop ® - Immersive and Relaxing Game
Infinity Loop ® - Immersive and Relaxing Game
  • os: Android version: Varies with device
    updated: August 27, 2021 size: Varies with device
  • os: IOS version: 5.12
    updated: Jul 16, 2021 size: 119.1 MB
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Edit Notes

1. Each level has a different setting, and we can't leave any of the line symbols out in the cold. When the complete loop symbols are pieced together on the simple and stylish blueprint backboard, you will find that the game is actually full of zen and invariably calms people down.

2. There is only a solid color background and various lines. And the player is to put together the disrupted arcs, straight lines, circles and other pieces into a complete pattern. The position of each fragment is fixed, you can rotate the direction of the fragment to make the line and line between the perfect docking, not leaving a gap.

3. Each level of the pieces can form a special pattern. Interestingly, the messy pieces spell out the pattern is often extremely refreshing and simple. And, after each pass, the pattern emerges like a beautiful circuit diagram, emitting a ghostly light against a black background, with the light and dark colors setting off a sense of mystery of the unknown.

4. The levels are endless, you never know where the last level is. The difficulty of the game is also random. Some levels can be completed in a few simple steps, some levels are so complex that you can not figure out the graphics. And whether you can go to the last level, you have to explore it yourself.

How To Play

Connecting all the lines and corners for the perfect connection. It's like killing the chaos and achieving perfection.


 Infinity Loop game is a very fun loop casual game, the game screen style is very simple, easy to play, but to play well will require some effort to piece together the disrupted ring, make them wireless loop

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