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Impostor vs Crewmate - Free Game Offline
Impostor vs Crewmate - Free Game Offline
  • os: Android version: 3.2
    updated: February 22, 2021 size: 52M
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Edit Notes

1, a new style of game graphics, a new theme of play, from a different perspective to compete;

2, you will compete with a very large number of players on the same field, you need to fully use your wisdom to do so;

3, with the classic pixel style screen settings, but with a very intense competition.

How To Play

1, Move your army with one hand to search for all the impostors, many unique and addictive levels for you to try to experience

2, Participate in rescuing your crew and help them avoid all obstacles, collect coins and take the castle treasure from the impostors

3, Run and rescue your crew and hunt down all their impostors with more intuitive interface and one handed action


A very fun action adventure game, the game player control role to start fighting, you need to destroy the fake crew oh, the game using a variety of props and weapons to defeat your opponents, the game is a lot of different scenes map waiting for you to challenge oh, the game is suitable for players of all ages

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  • I love this game

    by Andy 28 Jan,2022
  • Very fun

    by Karolyn 26 Jan,2022
  • Very good

    by Mia 24 Nov,2021

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