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Ice Scream 2
Ice Scream 2
  • os: Android version: 1.1.1
    updated: Aug 22, 2022 size: 420.6 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.1.1
    updated: Aug 22, 2022 size: 420.6 MB
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Edit Notes

1, into the rich and interesting gameplay, follow the cute cartoon characters, to complete the task of breaking through.

2, always pay attention to the surrounding environment, if the masked man found, your situation will be dangerous.

3, find ways to break down the masked man's plot to save all the children, so that your town back to peace.

4, oversized house can be explored, your friends may be locked in the basement, you need to look carefully.

How To Play

1, the game of the door card and the key is the key to solve the puzzle.

2, do not miss any of the items in the game.

3, otherwise, the player is very difficult to save friends and escape.

4, and ice cream man confrontation, you need to use a variety of weapons and equipment.


Ice Scream 2 continues the familiar style of the first work, the overall design of the scene to create an extremely eerie atmosphere, coupled with the eerie background sound effects, instantly make your scalp numb, players here need to go to the home of the terrorist ice cream vendor to explore, find the friend who was locked up, find a way to get the key to save him to do.

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