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Human: Fall Flat
Human: Fall Flat
  • os: Android version: 1.2
    updated: May 6, 2020 size: 40MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.2
    updated: May 11, 2020 size: 1.1GB
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The game relies on physics effects to create a variety of puzzles, the game itself will not be too difficult, but this ghostly picture once the appearance of a variety of spoofed by players with malicious intent, I believe that the game finally presented, there will be a lot of funny story happened.

Bob's Falling Dream is interspersed with many puzzles to be solved and gadgets that make you forget the original purpose, so trying them out may cause a lot of laughs. These worlds may seem fantastical, but the laws of physics are very real.

Would you want to open that mysterious door? Or do you just want to see how far you can throw a stereo set?

How To Play

Direct and complete control of the characters, no script, no limits.

Fully interactive 3D environment, grab anything, climb anything, carry anything with you.

Fragile objects fragile clumsy movements or other objects.

A fully 3D sound emitted in a way that physically seems reasonable.

6 beautiful levels with many ways to solve them.

Infinite replay value created by you out of the box of ideas.

Play with mouse and keyboard or game controller.


A very strange style of painting third-person exploration class game, the game is based on realistic physics production, a variety of floating dream world, the player needs to use their own wisdom, to solve a variety of realistic problems, the overall style of painting is extremely funny, humorous atmosphere around the entire game. Advanced physics and innovative control gameplay, to meet a series of interesting challenges. Bob, the main character of the game, is just a human being without superpowers, but he can do a lot...and abusing these tools he can do with more appropriate tools. Bob's dreams are riddled with puzzles, solve as many things as you can dream up, as well as interfere with just fiddling a lot, providing unique game time.

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