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  • os: Android version: 6.9.5
    updated: Apr 12, 2024 size: 231.2 MB
  • os: IOS version: 7.0.1
    updated: Apr 13, 2024 size: 231.2 MB
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Edit Notes

Complete the challenge with different objectives within the required number of steps

Contains a unique enhanced gameplay, play can be said to be super exciting

All kinds of can combine props feel wonderful explosion combination, fun!

How To Play

Breakthrough mode, within the specified number of steps, to complete the challenge of different goals, not familiar with the three elimination play a class of players, often have the situation of the card, here to provide some small advice, the first is to complete the target elimination object priority, encounter can not be eliminated before considering the consumption of bombs or functional props, functional props such as small aircraft, horizontal / vertical row of rockets, complete carpet cleaning, especially important! Of course, luck is also very important, when Ou Qi is full, a level can be passed immediately, here the love value ≠ physical value, successful breakthrough does not deduct the number; the more stars, the more furniture can be built! For consuming gold or spending love value to get more chances, I suggest consuming gold in the current only 1 or 2 obstacles left, and you are sure to finish within 5 steps; consuming love value is suitable for time players, not in a hurry to take your time, in fact, elimination games are really very "casual", do not play when you do not miss, a play on the Feel fun, easy to addicted to it, really wonderful experience.


The game is a very good casual type of game, this game can be said to be a very good blend of a variety of classic elimination elements, can bring players more special game enjoyment, the fun of three elimination can also be experienced here, and the picture is very good, looks super exquisite, like friends come to join!

In the game players can get to know the cute furry cats with their friends.

Wide map of scenes, waiting for players to unlock the map to experience the fun of the game

Beautiful and detailed graphics, feel the wonderful elimination elements

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