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heaven travel
heaven travel
  • os: Android version: 4.58
    updated: Feb 24, 2023 size: 512.4 MB
  • os: IOS version: 3.50
    updated: Jun 30, 2022 size: 512.4 MB
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Edit Notes

1.The game screen adopts the healing style,and the interesting screen design adds to the fun of the game and makes the adventure more enjoyable;

2.Freely break through levels to start the most exciting adventure in this world.Players take risks in the kingdom of heaven to collect various clues to help themselves solve puzzles;

3.Rich story content creates an interesting world view for players.Different plots bring different adventures,making the game more enjoyable!

How To Play

In the game, many illustrations in memory remind you of previous memory fragments and start a puzzle-solving adventure. Fingertip operation is easy to use, and players can easily operate and enjoy the fun of adventure. When the player collects the fragments of a chapter story, there is a complete story for you to see. The combination of scattered story lines makes the adventure process of the game more exciting, and the healing game mode allows players to relax their minds during the adventure.


A casual adventure game,the exquisite and healing vertical painting hits your heart directly.Players will follow the vision of the characters to take risks in the fantasy world,go to various places in the rainforest and canyons,complete tasks to obtain precious treasures,and start a new adventure.

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