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Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask
Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask
  • os: Android version: 6.6.0
    updated: February 21, 2021 size: 1.0G
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Strategic warfare! Train an army of loyal musketeers, manage resources, set traps, destroy enemies, lead a super alliance, and take over the world!

Super Airships! In an era of new technology, to destroy the enemy, you must have advanced airship attacks - how will you customize your own airship?

World War! Powerful real-time translation system helps you communicate with players from all over the world without any barriers, alliances and alliances across borders have never been easier!

An immersive MMO experience! Welcome to the gorgeous world of the Three Musketeers, with the most beautiful design and high-definition rendering to bring you an immersive and vivid audio-visual feast!

Progressive RTS warfare! Develop strategies, help your allies, and attack your enemies! Musket Chronicles' war MMO experience with RPG elements allows you to customize your own airships, territories, troops, buildings, equipment, and more. Create your own style and take the victory in Musket Chronicles.

Empire building! Build a mighty empire, master a devastating array of skills, arm yourself and be indestructible to ensure you are invincible in war!

How To Play

1、Strategy to become the hegemon of a generation with muskets;

2, heavy artillery casting pursuit of the ultimate output of the thrill;

3, the power of the sky began the medieval siege war.


A fantasy style large war strategy type hand game, to the medieval western civilization as the background, with the advance of time, human technology civilization is also changing day by day, from the early iron warfare evolution to the current firearms era, players in the game will set up an unprecedented musketeer corps, with a thunderous force expedition to other countries, sweep the world to complete the unification of hegemony.

In the era when firearms just appeared, the medieval period of Western Europe was spread in the smoke and fire, and a conspiracy of the peak kingship was quietly staged!

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