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Gun Gang
Gun Gang
  • os: Android version: 1.15.1
    updated: January 21, 2021 size: 110M
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Edit Notes

◉ Gang war city game ◉ Incredibly unique levels ◉ Dangerous obstacles filled with barricades ◉ Beautiful graphics ◉ Smooth as butter game controls ◉ Fun bullet hell and explosions ◉ Lots of rewards and gifts

Realistic background sound settings during combat shooting, giving you a strong sense of immersion.

In the process of shooting, find the best suitable position to dodge enemy attacks while shooting them.

How To Play

◉ Join up with as many friends as you can.

◉ Avoid obstacles

◉ CRUSH gold bars

◉ Load up your gun

◉ Fight the bandit's conflict

◉ Shoot them all


A casual shooting game, in the gameplay is a bit like that placement type of game, but you still need to control, you just need to guide the game in the direction of the above, in different locations even you choose which to avoid, to ensure that the characters you control in the game to minimize the loss.

Here you play a sense of justice police, you need to exercise their combat ability, so you carry out a training competition. There will be various obstacles on the road, you need to lead your men, using the guns in your hands to open these obstacles, so that you can successfully find a way out, and there will be many different traps behind, you need to develop reasonable tactics, in order to faster rush to the end. Try to pass the finish line with as many people as possible will get more points!

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