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Gnomes Garden 4: New home
Gnomes Garden 4: New home
  • os: Android version: 1.4
    updated: Jul 6, 2020 size: 378.7 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.1
    updated: Mar 1, 2019 size: 378.7 MB
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Mysterious beings and unexplained events await in the exciting cause-and-effect fantasy strategy game Gnome Garden: Halloween.

Lots of different objectives, more than 40 levels, an interesting plot, simple and fun gameplay, and a unique new universe are now yours to explore.

Simple gameplay and a clear tutorial will help you get into the action. And if things get too tricky, don't forget the powerful magic of the princess!

How To Play

1. The princess came to the castle according to the instructions of the letter, ready to testify in accordance with her uncle's will.

2. But the strange thing is that no matter what can not remember Uncle Frazee, the danger slowly creeps in.

3. Need to help the princess lift the spell, so that he can remember everything, more exciting adventures from this moment on!


Gnomes Garden 4: New home game After defeating the wizard, the gnomes have returned to the castle and the princess, fearing that her people will starve, decides to find the secret green recipe. A unique magical world in an ancient garden, an interesting plot packed with comic and animated characters.

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