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Gin Rummy Free!
Gin Rummy Free!
  • os: Android version: 1.0.23
    updated: August 31, 2021 size: 77M
  • os: IOS version: 1.3.1
    updated: Sep 1, 2021 size: 171.4 MB
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Edit Notes

- Free to play - all game experiences are 100% free

- No annoying extra in-app game items

- Authentic Gin Rummy card game experience!

- Beautifully illustrated

- Automatic save and restore

- Unique special themes for you to choose from

- Most intuitive game interface ever

- Access to your statistics

- Drag and drop or click to move your cards

- No internet connection required

How To Play

Two people play, remove the size of the king of 52 cards, the order of A to K, A counts as 1 point, JQK counts as 10 points, the other according to the face value of the points. After the dealer deals the cards, the cards are placed face down and the top one is placed face up on the edge of the pile, and all subsequent cards are placed face up here. If the opponent does not want this card, the dealer decides whether to take it. If the dealer does not want the card, the dealer decides whether to take it. After each round, the other player has the right to decide whether to play the card or not, otherwise he draws from the pile. The purpose of keeping 10 cards in your hand is to form three or more cards of different suits but the same value, such as three 3s and four 5s, or three or more jokers of the same suit, such as 345 spades and 6789 clubs, pairs do not count. Outside of these that can form sets, the remaining cards that are not in sets are used to calculate the final score. The ultimate goal of the game is to make the entire hand into a set, when the successful player calls out "Gin", then reveals his cards and counts the points.


Play the best Gin Rummy ever conceived for American players. With an amazing AI that automatically adjusts your level of play, you are sure to have the best experience ever. Playing Gin Rummy will make your brain fly high! It can be relaxing, challenging, and more! Stay sharp! With a clear interface, easy to read cards, incredible usability, automatic saving and restoring and some other cool features, you're sure to fall in love with it right away!

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