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Game of War - Fire Age
Game of War - Fire Age
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    updated: March 3, 2022 size: 119M
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    updated: Mar 3, 2022 size: 290.2 MB
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1. Train your army to join the battlefield and watch in real time how your army conquers kingdoms in the world map.

2. Play and communicate in real time with thousands of players from all over the world in over 32 languages.

3. Build weapons, set them with powerful gems and equip your heroes with legendary weapons.

4. Form alliances with other players to conquer enemies and create the most powerful alliance in the kingdom.

5. You can also quickly conquer and occupy the Miracle Sanctuary and enjoy the thrill of being crowned king.

How To Play

Build your own kingdom, train elite troops and heroes, refine legendary equipment, set powerful magical gems and deploy war strategies to strengthen your empire. Research technology to make your empire stronger and stronger! Use diplomacy to forge alliances and repel powerful enemies to become the most powerful alliance in the realm! Attack and conquer the wonders of the world to become king!


Game of War - Fire Age is a mix of real-time strategy and simulation, in which players can build cities, recruit and train armies, make weapons and team up with other players to form alliances and kingdoms. Different kingdoms will fight for the throne and the winner will be crowned king of the entire game.

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