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Forge Ahead
Forge Ahead
  • os: Android version: 0.89
    updated: Apr 23, 2022 size: 263.1 MB
  • os: IOS version: .90
    updated: Jun 14, 2022 size: 263.1 MB
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Edit Notes

1, simple screen, forging a variety of weapons through the manufacture of props, enjoy the entire process of manufacturing weapons;

2, as a blacksmith familiar with each step, follow the tips therein, and start building under the study of the proportion;

3, the game of different quality weapons through your efforts to make, high-quality weapons can be sold at a good price.

How To Play

The game's graphics are very simple, without any superfluous elements here.

The gameplay is very new and unique, and the player's task is to forge the best weapons.

You can become the most popular blacksmith by spreading your glory all over the kingdoms with strength!


Forge Ahead is a very interesting casual puzzle game, the game players will be based on the plot development, to build a variety of weapons, with your best casting technology to build the best weapons, save the need for quality to bring you a different game experience, the legendary blacksmith game has a lot of illustrations for you to choose, to build your favorite weapons, interested partners can come to the legendary blacksmith - up to play it.

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