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Foot Clinic - ASMR Feet Care
Foot Clinic - ASMR Feet Care
  • os: Android version: 1.4.8
    updated: February 12, 2021 size: 66M
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Edit Notes

1, more to deal with a variety of foot diseases, complete a variety of different care work, become a superb doctor;

2, very realistic game interface, first-person perspective; a lot of play requires you to carefully complete, serious plucking, scraping, to bring the acidic game experience.

3, the player will become a partner of the doctor to help others deal with the problems on the feet; a variety of cases, operation and play without any restrictions, you need to complete a variety of challenges.

4, the game is full of unlimited fun, unlock more care cases, deal with a variety of surgeries, really fun and can not stop.

How To Play

1, there will not be much complicated content exists, each of your challenges, can make people feel overwhelmed, the process of repairing the toe is the need for great patience, each of your details to deal with in place;

2, according to the patient's pain to use different drugs, in the process of your treatment can relieve their pain; to carry out the perfect care tasks to ensure the health of the foot, master the best care skills, to complete a variety of tasks

3, fully open mode, different play content, a variety of foot care tasks waiting for you to complete. For a variety of medical equipment can be used skillfully, can make patients feel at ease here.


A very fun game of running a footbath store, in this Foot Clinic: ASMR Foot Clinic ASMR Feet Care game, scrubbing, scraping, plucking and pulling all kinds of feet, surgery on calluses, corns, and all kinds of odd-shaped toenails, etc., can be a variety of cases, so that the doctor you fully demonstrate professional skills.

Players in the game will play the role of a foot bath store owner, every day there will be different guests to bring to the store, and the player has to do is to listen to the customer's request, to give them a comfortable pedicure, if the customer is satisfied, you can also get a good pay Oh, players who want to try do not hesitate, we are here for you to join!

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