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Fire Strike - Gun Shooter FPS
Fire Strike - Gun Shooter FPS
  • os: Android version: 2.93
    updated: December 10, 2021 size: 404M
  • os: IOS version: 2.93
    updated: Dec 11, 2021 size: 561.1 MB
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Edit Notes

1, in the process of running needs perfect operation to reach the destination smoothly, there are many obstacles and dangers waiting for you to cross.

2, the biggest obstacle in the game is the bandits, they are not only accurate gunfire, the key is the attack strength and speed are very first-class.

3, only in the continuous battle to easily pass through the unique plot and play with a variety of adventure completely can not stop.

How To Play

1, like the rifle sniper rifle such weapons very eat accessories, if the accessories are not set, may affect the player control gun.

2, in addition to the single-player competition mode, there are also multiplayer group battle mode, this mode requires a high level of our cooperation.

3, there are a lot of fixed weapons and equipment refresh point, everyone's resources weapons are not enough when you can go here to replenish.


It is a fierce and fast shooting game, using the FPP mode, and realistic sound effects and atmosphere, can give players a strong sense of immersion in the game, pick up your weapons and start fighting, and the enemy to start shooting against the time try to find cover, to minimize the probability of being shot, like the gun battle game friends can join to try.

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