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Faraway 4
Faraway 4
  • os: Android version: 1.0.6160
    updated: Jul 26, 2021 size: 272.6 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.1.3
    updated: Jul 24, 2020 size: 272.6 MB
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Edit Notes

1. The fourth game in the series, the game still maintains the unique game style of the series, but this time the plot of the game is brand new, so players will have a brand new game experience here;

2. The gameplay is simple, similar to the previous games. Players need to find various props to open various levels in the scene, which may be hidden anywhere, so there are certain requirements for the player's carefulness in the game;

3. The game is divided into multiple levels. Although the game is not difficult, it still tests the player's observation and brain power. In addition to passing the level, it is also very important to collect various pieces of paper about the game story!

How To Play

With the unique perspective of an archaeologist, explore the mysterious 3D world freely with the third-person operation method. High-definition and delicate game quality, wonderful plot display, use your strength to conquer every map. Amazing game mechanics, accompanied by soft background music, explore infinite novelties and puzzles full of mysteries.


A high-quality unique 3D animation segmentation presents an adventure puzzle game, enjoy the wonderful puzzle-solving adventure in this game. Intuitive control mode, touch the various real objects on the screen to explore them, just like trying your hands to explore them in detail, the sense of substitution is very strong. Excellent puzzle-solving content and brain-burning gameplay that make people addicted.

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