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Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter
  • os: IOS version: 1.14.16
    updated: Mar 29, 2022 size: 377.1 MB
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Edit Notes

1. In the game, players can also modify the existing guns in the backpack to make them more powerful;

2. There is also a multiplayer battle mode, players can invite their friends to fight with you against these fierce zombies;

3. Kill the powerful zombie leader, you will get a lot of equipment and gun skins, and also can get a lot of experience;

How To Play

1, through the game late experience, the most built is the living room, you can use the rightmost room all as a living room.

2, the late need to drag the villain back and forth in the training room and workplace, if the training room is too far from the studio, the operation is troublesome, so you can put the training room to the left in the large room, and depth is located in the middle layer

3, the same workplace as far as possible together for easy management, and the demand for electricity is higher than food and water, you can use the first layer as a power layer, starting from the second layer, every 2 layers used as a resource layer. People with the same attributes are put together, not only can make full use of all the space, harvesting resources is also convenient to operate.


Fallout Shelter is a derivative work of the well-known post-apocalyptic science fiction game Fallout series If you also want to play, players can experience the wonderful game content and gameplay in this game world that has been attacked by radiation, rich game characters to ensure the happiness of the residents.

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