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Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars
Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars
  • os: Android version: 4.1.7
    updated: October 2, 2023 size: Size 483 MB
  • os: IOS version: 4.1.7
    updated: Oct 2, 2023 size: Size 483 MB
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Career Mode: Play from the United States to Australia in a grueling 108-game mode where every series must be won to advance to the next series. Simple, if you win you are in. Pass the game and unlock rewards;

Control your way: select arrows, tilt, or virtual touch steering wheel. Controllers are also supported;

Day/night/twilight race modes, choose your race time of the day;

It's time to get dirty! Not only will your car be splashed with mud, the car will also accumulate mud as you race, just like a real car on the track.

How To Play

Racing requires precise control and it will be difficult to get started, but the process of learning to drift around corners is fun. The race is full of variables (hit, hit, hit). Accelerate with all your strength and keep your eyes on the finish line. You need to be careful when cornering and control the angle accurately. If you go a little further, you will spin in circles and happily smash your phone. Modify the car and personalize your car. The player's operation in the game is very simple, just tap the screen to control the drift. A variety of skins can be freely selected, and various cool skins can be freely switched to make the game more enjoyable; the game is very simple, and players can easily master drifting skills with just skilled operation.


A very high-quality off-road driving and racing mobile game. In this game, players can drive various types of off-road vehicles to complete sprint racing competitions, show off their superb driving skills, and surpass all opponents to reach the finish line first. In the dust In car racing, players can engage in unique real-life racing gameplay.

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