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Dalgona Candy Challenge
Dalgona Candy Challenge
  • os: Android version: 3.1
    updated: November 16, 2021 size: 70M
  • os: IOS version: 1.2.3
    updated: Nov 3, 2021 size: 190.1 MB
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Promotional Video/Screenshot

Edit Notes

1. Can bring players more classic flashbacks, the screen is full of crisis, to unlock the new competitive mission.

2. The whole game is also very exciting in the process of tackling, each level also has a different way of playing and difficulty;

3. Classic plot and character image perfect recovery, can be flexible to deal with different levels, flexible control has unlimited joy.

How To Play

1. There are many exciting levels, and eliminating opponents to win at will will test the player's wisdom and courage.

2. The whole game scene map is also very rich, want to quickly finish more challenges, you must continue to practice and improve;

3. In this new escape game, players can fight side by side with more friends and quickly finish more difficulties.


Cookie Carver this game uses a cartoon style, players in the game can experience and Korean drama squid game in general no two adventures, the game is very restored, players in the game need to remain calm, will be their own sugar cookies a little bit of key out, once the player accidentally destroyed the integrity of the pattern, will be directly gameover, the game play a variety of players in the game need to accept the challenge again and again.

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  • it is a nise game it make me happy

    by gta 14 Sep,2022
  • i like it.

    by farrah 19 May,2022
  • great game

    by janko 13 Dec,2021
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