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Crazy Shopping
Crazy Shopping
  • os: Android version: 1.4.1
    updated: Aug 17, 2022 size: 160.2 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.4.1
    updated: Aug 17, 2022 size: 160.2 MB
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Edit Notes

1, you can experience alone or team up with someone, team up to win a greater chance.

2, do your best to grab the most valuable things, the higher the value of the final shopping the better.

3, teamwork then be able to stow large objects worth a lot of money, so the team is better.

How To Play

An action-adventure game, this game is really crazy, the player will become a large group of rubber man, you will flood into the supermarket, what can see what to take, when the supermarket items are robbed, you have to protect their own hands of items, the game play is simple, a little magic.


Crazy Shopping game is a very magical casual game. Simple matchmaker image, all the players in the supermarket swarmed, all crazy shopping, want to buy what you buy. Who buys the most within the time limit is the big winner. Here you can easily find a group of people fighting over one thing, and even all the people can carry away a car, in short, how crazy how to come.

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