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Crazy Pusher
Crazy Pusher
  • os: Android version: 1.2.0
    updated: January 31, 2021 size: 41M
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The freedom to complete more new and interesting gameplay experiences, each successful breakthrough can bring a different fun gameplay.

At any time you can join this very interesting battlefield, the player experienced the test is also very rich.

How To Play

1、The gameplay is relatively simple and easy to learn, the map of the random appearance of props, reasonable use

2, a variety of different competitive confrontation, to bring more fun experience, flexible to perform different techniques skills.

3, everyone's volume and strength are different, so you have to quickly find the skills to improve efficiency.

4, through the continuous game player's operating skills will be more skilled, there are more exciting and interesting ways to play quickly.


An innovative and exciting multiplayer game, the game we can collect different villains, join the favorite camp, and other players in real time, the map scene has a variety of props, to be used wisely, master certain skills, the use of different tactical strategies to push all opponents into the water, complete a very interesting challenge tasks, unlock the achievement title, to become the best small pusher

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