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Coffee Stack
Coffee Stack
  • os: Android version: 22.0.1
    updated: October 26, 2023 size: 290.3 MB
  • os: IOS version: 22.0.1
    updated: Oct 28, 2023 size: 290.3 MB
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With the coffee shop as the background, use parkour to make coffee, use management to earn profits, and enhance the game experience;

Whether you are a player who likes to parkour and brew coffee, or a player who is interested in running a cafe, you can find the experience you want here;

It is a parkour management hybrid game with the background of making coffee and running a coffee shop. In the game, players play the role of coffee shop operators and make coffee drinks through parkour.

How To Play

1. Unique coffee stack scene: The game uses a coffee stack as the background. The scene is colorful and diverse, including coffee cups, coffee pots, coffee beans and other elements, creating a unique game atmosphere;

2. Diverse parkour actions: In the game, players can perform various parkour actions such as jumping, sliding, and flipping. By mastering skills and reaction flexibility, players can successfully pass various obstacles and traps;

3. Collect coffee beans and props: In the game, players can collect various coffee beans and props. Coffee beans can be used to unlock new characters and props, and props can provide players with temporary abilities and protection;

4. Rich and diverse level design: There are multiple levels and challenges in the game. The level design is unique and the difficulty gradually increases. Players need to face different enemies, traps and environments to complete the goals and obtain high scores;

5. Multiple character choices: The game provides multiple unique characters for players to choose from. Each character has its own unique abilities and characteristics. Players can choose the appropriate character according to their own preferences and game style.


A fun and casual point-and-click game that cleverly combines parkour and management elements. The core background of the game revolves around a coffee shop. Players need to use parkour methods to make coffee and manage the coffee shop at the same time to enhance the game experience. Not only do you have to make coffee quickly and accurately, but you also have to face various challenges, such as avoiding obstacles, collecting props, etc.

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