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CoC Fanatic: Copy Maps & Bases
CoC Fanatic: Copy Maps & Bases
  • os: Android version: 4.26
    updated: December 1, 2021 size: 115M
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Clash Tips: Tap through valuable defense and attack tips that were exclusively written for Clash Fanatic. You won't find these important tips ANYWHERE else!
Best Maps: Copy the best Farming, Hybrid and Clan War bases RIGHT to Clash of Clans.
Attack Guide: From Town Hall 5 to 13, learn the most dominating attack strategies and army compositions. Penta LavaLoon, HGHB, BoVaWi, Drag LaLoon, GoVaHo, Mass Dragon Hound, LavaLoonion, Hybrid, and plenty more! All neatly organized by Town Hall.

Last Seen: Determine the time a player was last playing Clash of Clans. If a player is a no-show to clan war, cover their attacks so you won’t miss out on easy stars!
Clash Terms: Communicate like a Clash of Clans legend! Learn the common CoC terms such as Aggro, Breach, Feeder Clan, Kill Squad, Mirror, Sui, Surgical, Trigger Ring & many more!
Featured Clans: Is your current clan not cutting it anymore? Find successful clans in the ‘Featured Clans’ section.

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Clash Fanatic is a pro tip guide with the best base layouts for Clash of Clans.The App features hundreds of attack & defense tips, army guides, base layouts to copy & map strategies to help you & your clan get more STARS, WINS & LOOT! Whether you are an esports professional, or a Clash of Clans beginner, Clash Fanatic has content for you!

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