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Catch And Shoot
Catch And Shoot
  • os: Android version: 1.2
    updated: February 8, 2021 size: 55M
  • os: IOS version: 1.3
    updated: Feb 19, 2021 size: 240.3 MB
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Edit Notes

1, players can learn more skills in the continuous failure, better enjoy the fun of different exciting gameplay or a lot of try.

2, different styles of skin can decorate your character, they all need you to accumulate more gold to unlock, each time to complete different challenges are rewarded. Realistic real-world environment, all passes are very realistic, players must calculate the pitch direction. Cartoon style scene, is a rugby match from around the world, pay attention to your friend's score and keep challenging for higher score.

How To Play

1. Simple game style, strong reaction time and difficulty level, will not be difficult to learn. The rules are easy to understand, if you are playing the game for the first time, you can read the instructions so that you can start playing soon. Complete more challenging fun, a lot of new ways to play to try Oh!

2. The game is extremely entertaining, with various rare event rewards and superb clearance rewards. New props can go to use up, more new requirements to help you improve yourself!

3. Easy game mode and different time difference response can bring you unlimited fun and challenge. Complete more challenges fun, a lot of new ways to play can go try oh!


Catch And Shoot game is a Voodoo rugby themed casual game, the game's graphics are very delicate and beautiful, the fun you can get will be endless, through very simple operation, you can easily master, you have to be here to carry out continuous parkour, the game players need to enter the home formation scoring stage, on the field with your Rugby ball sprint ready to reach the end of the process will encounter different opponents, you can enjoy the collision effects brought about by the passion of the four, and must comply with the rules of throwing the ball hit people, and finally clever use of physical advantage to achieve the rugby ball score. The game will have a new strategy to try, different rewards to choose from, many levels of ability are different, some new options to understand, each level of the task is more diverse and exciting, many different rewards to get, through more diverse tasks to improve themselves!

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