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Cat Condo 2
Cat Condo 2
  • os: Android version: 2.1
    updated: Aug 18, 2020 size: 218.5 MB
  • os: IOS version: 2.0
    updated: Jun 3, 2020 size: 218.5 MB
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Edit Notes

A variety of cute and cute cats to choose from, interesting and cute expression designs, and a fun nurturing experience;

Various props and furniture, different settings and gameplay, dress up your exclusive cat, and freely decorate and design;

Decorate your cat apartment, easily place and play, with a large number of costumes and styles, you can match and design them as you like, there are no restrictions.

How To Play

Fun development, easy entertainment, new series of more interesting types and tasks, free to play;

Merge cats with the same attributes and shapes, improve and upgrade, and experience new joy in the cat apartment;

The healing atmosphere and settings, the cute painting style and comfortable visual senses will help you develop your own cute pet.


A merging casual game. As the second part of the series, it inherits the advantages of the first part, continues the very cartoon style, and adds a lot of new cats, decorations, and costumes, allowing players to create themselves more as they wish. The cat apartment allows more types of cats to stay. The overall gameplay has been enhanced on the basis of the previous game, and more content is waiting for players to unlock. The relaxed gameplay, cute cats, and rich actions must have made many cat slaves want to stop. With the warm picture, It's even more relaxing.

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