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CarX Rally
CarX Rally
  • os: Android version: 25100
    updated: January 11, 2024 size: 722 MB
  • os: IOS version: 25100
    updated: Jan 16, 2024 size: 722 MB
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Edit Notes

1. Diversified racing gameplay, in which you can also compete online with your friends;

2. There are different game modes waiting for players to take risks every day, and interesting content requires players to challenge;

3. Each level has different content. If you want to successfully obtain rewards, you must continue to take risks;

4. There will be various props on the city roads that can be picked up and used, which will give you different characteristics;

5. Complete daily driving tasks to receive a large number of rewards for use.

How To Play

1. Simple and exciting fingertip operations, unknown and complex track competition, challenge yourself;

2. Fingertip racing is a bit difficult to master. Challenge yourself by freely entering levels, using your brain to operate strategically and improve quickly;

3. Enrich the track experience as you wish, experience many unknown maps in multiple modes, experience exciting and interesting driving, and overcome your own limits;

4. Race at any time for an exciting chase and feel the unique charm of racing;

5. High-definition 3D graphics, a lot of different racing cars to choose from, and different driving pleasures to experience;

6. Super battles challenge various difficult tasks, break through levels and compete with different opponents to win.


A super realistic racing game. Each player in the game can drive his own car for extreme racing. There are also many different tracks to challenge his driving skills. The game also supports players to customize their cars. Adapt to more games. And this game is different from other hodgepodges. It is a racing game that focuses on rally cars. Imagine how you feel driving a cool super rally car on a vast field track. Every step of your accelerator will It can be reflected in the sound of the vehicle engine and the force feedback given by the steering wheel or handle. It drives you to concentrate on feeling the force of the car every time you start the car on the track, giving you an opportunity to get closer to the car you choose. limit, your own limit.

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